Seriously, It’s Better!




True Level Concrete has been repairing foundations for over 20 years and has a lot of insight to the Lower Mainland foundation issues. We’ve completed thousands of evaluations and have heard many misconceptions over the years. Here is some of the most common misconceptions about foundation repair:

  1. Cheaper than you think
  2. Faster than you think
  3. Less disruptive than you think
  1. Longer Warranty than you think
  2. Better results than you think
  3. More benefits than you think

Not as expensive as you think.

  • First of all, think 5 digits, not 6.
  • Next, half your expectation
  • Call True Level for an evaluation

Faster than you think

  • 99% of jobs are completed within a week
  • The other 1% are completed within 2.

Less disruptive than you think.

  • Don’t move out.
  • Keep all of your plumbing and electrical in tack
  • Most of all excavation is done my hand

Long Warranty than you think

  • Product – Lifetime
  • Lift – better than new home warranty
  • In the 20 years of lifting, we have never had to go back to a site!

Better Results than you think

More Benefits than you think