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Home & Commercial Foundation Repair

For homeowners in Port Moody dealing with a settling or damaged foundation we send one of our foundation specialists out to their home. From there, the specialist will identify the problem along with the recommended solutions.

Foundation Issues:
  • Cracking in Floors
  • Wall Cracks
  • Sinking Floors
  • Bowing Walls                       
Tools we Use:

Once you understand the issue we then provide a complete written estimate so you know the exact costs before agreeing to have the work done. The foundation products we use for your home have a 25-year warranty. To learn more about foundation repair cost, contact us today!

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Interior & Exterior Concrete Leveling

Concrete also suffers from sinking and settling foundations. The sinking concrete develops cracks, then complete breaks creating tripping hazards and sunken slabs. Traditionally you would hire a concrete lifting contractor to come and drill large holes in the slab and pump a mud slurry beneath the concrete. However, the slurry is quite heavy and can lead to more sinking in the foundation soil.  

Issues We Fix:
  • Sunken Sidewalks
  • Sinking Concrete Driveways
  • Cracking Slabs
  • Washed out Soil                   
Benefits of PolyLEVEL:
  • Less Invasive Injection
  • Light & Strong
  • Adjustable Density
  • Stable & Waterproof

Our company uses PolyLEVEL, a polyurethane foam, rather than mud slurry. The foam is lighter, faster and in many ways superior to mud slurry. To learn more about the method or have one of our specialists provide a free inspection and estimate make sure to give us a call. Call or click today to get more information on concrete leveling cost.

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Work Requests From Port Moody, BC
Timbercrest Drive in Port Moody
Front driveway to entrance slab Dropped couple of inches
Burrard Crescent in Port Moody
A Column supporting our entrance canopy is sinking and the canopy is sloping away from the drain. The concrete slab outside the entrance has dropped
Yale Road in Port Moody
Caller looking to level concrete. Driveway is sinking. She is looking to sell her home. Provided contact information. Office will have estimator call back to schedule appointment.
Columbia Street in Port Moody
Needs a fill under concrete slab, possible void underneath. Referred by friend. Specialist will call back to discuss estimate.
Oxford Dr in Port Moody
I need estimate for my side walk and backyard leveling.
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