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Before and After Pictures from Port Coquitlam
Back Patio in Port Coquitlam lifted & Leveled

Back Patio in Port Coquitlam lifted & Leveled

Before After
Back Patio in Port Coquitlam lifted & Leveled Back Patio in Port Coquitlam lifted & Leveled

Back patio had settled and sloping towards the foundation. This caused rain water to flow towards the foundation and water penetrated into the crawl space. The long term fix was achieved by injecting PolyLEVEL and the patio was sloped away from the foundation, thereby allowing the flow of rain water to drain away from foundation and preventing any tripping hazzard. The work was done at a house in Port Coquitlam, BC

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Interior & Exterior Concrete Leveling

The sinking soil beneath a concrete slab can cause issues like unlevel cracked slab and tripping hazards. The good news about these problems is that they can fixed. Most contractors you speak to will recommend injecting a mud slurry underneath the slab to raise it back up to a level position.

While this method has become tradition and in many instances it can work it does have serious drawbacks. The largest drawback is the weight of the mudslurry which is injected underneath the concrete. The additional weight on top of weak soil can compound the problem.  

Issues We Fix:
  • Sunken Sidewalks
  • Sinking Concrete Driveways
  • Cracking Slabs
  • Washed out Soil                   
Benefits of PolyLEVEL:
  • Less Invasive Injection
  • Light & Strong
  • Adjustable Density
  • Stable & Waterproof

Because of these drawbacks we prefer to use PolyLEVEL, a polyurethane foam. This foam is similarly injected below the concrete slab but through much smaller holes and once cured is much lighter compared to mudslurry.

The intense burden of additional weight on the weak soil does not occur but the foam at the same time is strong and waterproof. We use PolyLEVEL both inside and outside of your home. To get started fixing the damaged concrete of your Port Coquitlam home give us a call today. We are your concrete lifting experts.

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Work Requests From Port Coquitlam, BC
Elbow Place in Port Coquitlam
Part of concrete patio slab is sinking.
Parkglen Place in Port Coquitlam
We are interested in a quote to have our exposed aggregate front sidewalk lifted as it has created a safety issue because there is a lip at one of the slab separators. We will be selling our house so we may also be interested in leveling our exposed aggregate driveway that is cracked and has some settling. To go ahead with the driveway will depend on cost but we intend to fix the sidewalk. Thanks. Craig
Yangtze Gate in Port Coquitlam
2 big slabs are inclined towards the house and should be lifted to level. Some of the small slabs in side path would need some work too
Hober Drive in Port Coquitlam
Estimate for cracks repair on the outside wall's Referred by google search Client is calling back Office states they will have the specialist back to set the appointment
McRae Ave. in Port Coquitlam
I need a quote to do some driveway concrete repairs at one of our properties.
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